About Me

Felicia L. Burks is the Empowerment Catalyst and a leadership expert with over 18 years of experience as a leader in the military and community organizations. In her highly illustrated career as a leadership coach, consultant, and trainer, she has led at every level from beginners to professionals. Felicia’s passion for leadership and developing others paved a path for her to become a John Maxwell Team Certified Coach, Teacher, and Speaker. In 2015, she became a contributing author to Armed and Dangerous: a Collection of Triumphant Testimonials. Additionally, she is adamant about empowering women and youth.

She has expertise in leadership, mentorship, empowerment, and storytelling. She has offered her dedicated services to various organizations, corporations, and groups such as breast cancer survivors, women’s groups, and youth groups.

The Inception of The Empowerment Catalyst

It was after years of offering services to military and community organizations that Felicia realized she could reach out to more leaders out there and create a much bigger difference. The idea soon became a reality with the launch of The Empowerment Catalyst Company.



To Catapult Leaders into Their Absolute Best
Felicia aims to take your leadership to next level, make an inspiring transformation in your mindset, and fostering innovation that you can help your organization to thrive. With her every client, she embarks on a successful journey to find the hidden talents and capabilities of that client – she knows how to get best out of people.



To Develop and Empower Leaders to Success at Every Level
Her goal is to redefine what it actually means to be a leader of sheer significance, substance, and success. And this is what motivates her into encouraging leaders to make a difference, become the very best, and achieve success at every level.

Want To Know More About Me?

Get to know more about my work at this Speaking Library: https://youtu.be/vB6384tnKY8

Or check my book:

Armed and Dangerous: A Collection of Triumphant Testimonials: www.booklocker.com/9337